Take a Load Off: Why Residents Should Partner with an Appliance Leasing Company

It’s that time of year again. Summer is in full swing, and whether you plan to relax by the pool or go on your annual camping trip with the family, Precision Appliance Leasing is here to help. We’ll save you time on essential tasks, allowing you to focus on what you truly want to do. Appliance leasing takes a load off of the hassle that often comes with finding the perfect products for your current or future place of residence. Not only is leasing your appliances with Precision more affordable, faster and more accessible, but it also works around your schedule, leaving you with more time to soak up the sun or scale the mountain ranges this summer with family.

Why DFW and Houston Residents Should Lease Their Washer/Dryer with Precision

Save a LOAD of Cash this Season

Rather than spending the day scouring the aisles of nearby appliance stores and going ‘round and ‘round with “experts” on the latest features and the dozens of machine options you’ll have to choose from, why not save both time and money with Precision? The great thing about appliance leasing is ordering online, thorough appliance descriptions, and schedule your desired delivery date all in one sitting. In addition, Precision is here to provide gently used appliances to our residents in DFW and Houston immediately upon request – with next day delivery available and no credit checks required, Precision believes that convenience shouldn’t have to break the bank.

The Cycle of Convenience

Leasing is flexible and allows you to obtain the appliances without having to worry about additional maintenance costs or high up-front payments. No need to shop around and compare prices from store to store, or figure out how to get your appliances home while paying outrageous delivery fees. Precision has made it easy to shop inventory and get appliances installed the next day.* Leasing gives customers the option to extend contracts, upgrade equipment at the end of a contract, and also avoid the hassle of maintenance payments.**

Personalize Your Experience

Finding appliances for your current or future home can often feel daunting, and although it’s a common process, it shouldn’t have to feel like a chore. At Precision, our dependable teams in both Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston make the process stress-free by offering you an unforgettable customer service experience. We set you up for success by installing and testing your product at a time that best fits your schedule. In the unlikely event of any issues, we always bring a backup machine with us to all deliveries and maintenance appointments. Our team delivers on time and straight to you, and with every order placed before 12 p.m., you receive free next-day delivery.

Here at Precision, we believe in empowering, developing, and encouraging one another daily through our work with our clients. We desire to educate our customers in both the DFW and Houston Metroplex, as well as our partners on why leasing offers greater accessibility, personalization and is a wiser financial investment for their current and future appliance needs. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to their appliances, and Precision is here to make the process as seamless as possible. We offer washer and dryer leasing solutions at an affordable cost with a convenient installation experience and five-star customer support throughout the duration of your lease. If you’re in search of reliable, quality products at a great price, look no further than Precision Appliance Leasing. Our team of experts looks forward to serving you!




About Precision Appliance Leasing

Precision Appliance Leasing is a washer/dryer leasing company servicing multi-family and residential communities in the greater DFW and Houston areas. Since 2015, Precision has offered its residential and corporate customers convenience, affordability, and free, five-star customer service when it comes to leasing appliances. Our reputation is built on a strong commitment to excellence, both in the products we offer and the exemplary support we deliver.