Though tempting, when washing machines are too full, clothing doesn’t get clean, and you can even damage your washer. When a washing machine is overloaded, water and detergent don’t reach everything, dirt gets trapped, and you can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your washer that may ultimately lead to damage.

To ensure your clothes are cleaned properly, it’s important to follow your detergent’s directions and measurement instructions. Adding too little or too much detergent can leave you with dirty or damaged clothes.

All of our washers and dryers come with multiple cycles and settings. Don’t be afraid to try different settings according to your specific laundering needs. Permanent Press works well for everyday clothes that wrinkle easily, while Delicate works best for gym clothing that is often washed after each use.

All orders placed before 12PM will be delivered the next business day. If we are unable to fulfill your order on the next business day you will be notified via phone. Deliveries are made Monday- Friday 8am to 5pm.

No. Installation and set up of your machines by our qualified service experts is included in your $35.00 delivery fee.

No long term commitments here! We just require a 3 month renting commitment…that’s it! There are no termination fees or pick up fees.

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