Why Multi-Family Properties (And Their Residents) Should Partner with Precision

One Call Covers it All

Precision recognizes that providing top-of-the-line amenities for residents plays a crucial role in attracting new tenants and retaining existing ones for multi-family properties. With most residents always on-the-go, there’s a huge opportunity for apartment communities to make living easier by supplying tenants amenities that add value to their daily lives. Providing washer and dryer capabilities has become a fundamental requirement for community housing, as residents have grown accustomed to their convenience and affordability. Precision Appliance Leasing not only works directly with residents in Houston and Dallas-Ft.Worth for their washer and dryer rentals, but also with corporate management companies and multi-family property managers to place and maintain in-unit appliances throughout their properties. Our FREE on-call maintenance services removes the hassle for residents or property managers to deal with time-consuming service inquiries and allows them to utilize their time elsewhere. If you’re looking to rent quality washers and dryers in DFW and Houston, as well as have more time to do the things most important to you and your business, one call to Precision covers it all!


Lots to Lease

Precision provides a diverse range of products tailored to meet the specific requirements of your residential community. With side-by-side, stackable, and individual options to choose from, our corporate clients and residents in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston are sure to find washer and dryer units that best fit their space, price range, and needs. Lease terms can be easily defined and negotiated allowing for flexibility in corporate contracts and renewals. With free, next-day delivery and competitive industry pricing on new and gently-used washer and dryer units, Precision is the way to go for both properties and multi-family residents looking for a cost-effective, quality, easy appliance leasing solution.

Simpler, More Seamless Service

Partnering with Precision offers property management in Texas the advantage of a seamless transition from one resident to another. By working with commercial properties to keep units in place throughout transitional resident periods, we allow our corporate partners to continue offering appliances that are in-unit and ready for use on move-in day for the next tenant. Precision also helps residents move in or out with ease, avoiding the disruption of daily operations for your onsite property management team. Gone are the days of scheduling third-party deliveries, setting up appliances, and fulfilling maintenance requests! With Precision, residents can submit their own maintenance requests directly online to us, at no additional cost. In addition, Precision also delivers and assembles all appliances and tests them before departure, so all residents remain informed by our team of experts. Ultimately, it’s a smoother, simpler process for residential communities and tenants alike to have a partner like Precision.

Profits for Property

Were you aware that your partnership with Precision can generate residual income for you and your management team? Here’s how it works – we lease the equipment to you, and your management team is then able to provide it to your residents at the rate you choose. Additionally, by giving both DFW and Houston residents the opportunity to lease instead of outright purchase their washer and dryer, Precision works as the middle man to provide high-quality customer service and appliances, while tenants and multi-family management save on time and money. We offer easy, month-to-month leasing terms, a deactivation program for vacant units and convenient, online account portals to provide value for both resident and multifamily management.

At Precision, we are grateful to be a small part of bringing ease and comfort to the over 2,000 residential communities we serve in both the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston markets. With care and passion for our clients at the center of all we do, we ensure your decision to partner with Precision will be one that is sure to add value and convenience, leaving you and your team or family feeling satisfied, served and looked after. Contact us today with any questions you might have – we look forward to working with you.


About Precision Appliance Leasing

Precision Appliance Leasing is a washer/dryer leasing company servicing multi-family and residential communities in the greater DFW and Houston areas. Since 2015, Precision has offered its residential and corporate customers convenience, affordability, and free, five-star customer service when it comes to leasing appliances. Our reputation is built on a strong commitment to excellence, both in the products we offer and the exemplary support we deliver.