Rent a Washer and Dryer in Dallas-Ft. Worth

Homeowners often have access to in-home amenities that may not be available to renters, and laundry is one area that may be lacking. As a landlord or property manager, you naturally want to provide access to conveniences that will benefit every member of your community and make your properties more appealing. This is where a rental washer and dryer from Precision Appliance Leasing can help.

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We proudly provide access to quality rental washers and/or dryers, as well as sales options, in and around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. As a leader in the washer and dryer leasing industry, we always strive to deliver a convenient, hassle-free, in-home laundry experience for tenants who may not be able to afford the up-front purchase price of brand-new equipment.

Our services include delivery and installation of high-end products, as well as free parts and regular servicing from a certified technician for the length of the lease. This saves tenants from the tedium of hauling laundry to and from local laundromats, not to mention waiting half the day while washers and dryers do their work.

Renting a washer and dryer is a win-win scenario for landlords and tenants alike. Landlords and property managers can provide an on-site or in-home solution to common hardship within the community, increasing the appeal of the property, while tenants can take advantage of affordable and convenient opportunities to enjoy in-home laundry, complete with needed servicing, with no need for credit checks or massive, up-front expense

With a range of quality equipment, including side-by-side washers and dryers, as well as top-load, front-load, and stackable units, every tenant can find the right rental products to fit their available space and suit their particular needs. There’s no need to waste undue time searching for a rental dryer and washer in Dallas-Ft. Worth. With Precision Appliance Leasing, you’ll always enjoy the quality products and outstanding customer support that satisfy landlords and tenants alike.

Choosing the Right Washer and/or Dryer Rental Near Me

As a landlord or property manager, you want to find solutions that make tenants happy, but don’t create more headaches for you. Including washers, dryers, and other appliances on-site or in units will certainly add value for tenants, but then you’re on the hook to service, repair, and generally maintain included equipment.

With the right rental washer and dryer in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, however, you’ll gain convenience right along with your tenants, thanks to ongoing maintenance and repair services tied into the leasing agreement. In addition, renters have the opportunity to choose in-home equipment that best suits their personal needs, instead of having to live with whichever options a landlord might choose.

For example, a large family might prefer side-by-side equipment with large load capacity, whereas a single renter or a couple might prefer to save space with a stacked unit. Different units may also have different footprints, some of which allow for side-by-side washer and dryer units, while some only have enough room for stacked equipment. Some renters may prefer to air-dry clothing, in which case they’d only need a washer rental.

The point is, an accommodating leasing service ensures that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy greater convenience and targeted solutions, depending on available space, intended usage, and other considerations. At Precision Appliance Leasing, our range of quality equipment includes options for different capacities, configurations, and floor plans, with both new and used equipment designed to work for any budget. We make it easy for every tenant to choose the right washer and dryer products for their specific needs and preferences.

Our Quality Rental Dryer and Washer Products

When you search for washer and dryer rental near me, you want options that will work for a variety of needs, as well as quality products that aren’t going to be more trouble than they’re worth. Precision Appliance Leasing understands the needs of landlords and tenants, and we deliver on both scores.

Individual Washer (top load)

At Precision Appliance Leasing, we offer top-load washers because of the many benefits they provide, starting with the fact that users don’t have to bend down to load and unload heavy laundry. These units feature an agitator (the column in the middle of the washing drum) that works to thoroughly remove soiling by agitating garments while they’re submerged in water during the wash cycle. This facilitates quicker washing (about 50-60 minutes per load) and better distributes soap and fabric softener to minimize residue left on laundry. Users can even add items after the cycle has begun (a no-no with front-load washers).

Individual Dryer

Weather permitting, a clothes line offers an eco-friendly way to dry clothing, but you may not enjoy temperate climes year-round, and many renters don’t have the space to erect needed clothes lines. A front-load dryer offers a convenient alternative, with vents that continuously draw in fresh air and heat it to pull moisture from clothing and push it out through lint traps and ducts, drying garments quickly and leaving them fluffed and fresh. Clothes dryers offer a quick and convenient alternative to both line drying and going to a laundromat.

Side-by-Side Washer and Dryer Combo

Whether you prefer our regular or premium washer and dryer combos, you’ll find you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right products for specific wants and needs. In both cases, users will enjoy low profile equipment that is easy to load and unload (top-load washers, front-load dryers). All of our quality units offer quick and convenient operation that ensures fresh, clean laundry. Premium equipment is designed to manage large loads for busy households, or accommodate larger items (like a comforter). Regular equipment is ideal for households that typically launder small- to medium-sized loads, with options for both new and used equipment to work with any budget.

Stackable Washer and Dryer Combo

Rental units don’t always have a ton of space set aside for laundry equipment, especially if it’s not provided as a perk. Stackable washer/dryer units from Precision Appliance Leasing are a great fit for smaller units, thanks to their space-saving design. They’re typically only capable of handling smaller wash loads, but considering the convenience they offer via in-home or on-site laundry, they make it easy to space out multiple small loads, as opposed to the mountain of laundry most people allow to pile up before a trip to the laundromat.

With plenty of options to explore, landlords and property managers will have no trouble properly outfitting an on-site laundry facility, or alternately, providing opportunities for tenants to enjoy their own in-home units. Renters will also appreciate a selection of quality products that allows them to choose the equipment that best suits their personal needs.

Benefits of In-Home Washer and Dryer Rental

Even if there’s a local laundromat nearby, the hassle of hauling loads to and from a laundromat and wasting half a day while garments run through cycles is a thorn in the side of many renters. It can also be a major expense. Having on-site or in-home laundry can save an incredible amount of time, money, and hassle.

Whether landlords are looking to outfit an on-site laundry facility for the community or they want to offer opportunities for tenants to rent affordable in-home units, partnering with Precision Appliance Leasing is a great option. Our solutions not only include quality equipment that is delivered and installed on-site, but we don’t leave you hanging when mechanical problems occur. Our certified technicians come to your property to offer outstanding maintenance and repair services, to ensure that equipment functions as it should for the life of the lease.

Unlike purchasing new equipment, there’s no massive, up-front cost, and our leasing program requires no credit check, which means every tenant qualifies. Further, we offer a range of products to suit every laundry space, capacity need, and budget. Adding value for residents might start with a search for washer rental near me, but it ends with the outstanding products, services, and support you’ll find at Precision Appliance Leasing.